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A journey towards the truth for all mankind.

AwE130 is a journey towards the truth for all mankind. This archive is a collection of news clippings, press photos, videos and conspiracies. The fake Apollo moon landings have their own section and will be updated frequently as we are almost at the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. The Dutch UFO and Space news clippings are now translated into English and new clippings will be released frequently. AwE130 doesn't claim any copy rights over the material we have on display or articles we wrote unless explicit stated (read about us). We would however like to ask you to share or link back to us when you found information or articles interesting. Searching our website is easy, just use the AwE130 search function on top of each page.


The fake Apollo moon landings

moon hoaxThe Apollo moon landing is one of the most intriguing conspiracy of all times. In 2012 AwE130 was in direct contact with the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ) chief editor. The ALSJ is the historical Apollo moon landing archive that can be found on the NASA website. In a short time we got a halve dozen credits for correcting the historical Apollo archives. But we saw things we were worried about and by the end of 2012 we stepped away from the ALSJ and went our own way. AwE130 will explain to you why the Apollo moon landings could not be real. In the end the truth will be revealed in a journey towards the truth for all mankind.


UFO Video Archive

video archiveThe AwE130 UFO video archive is now available. Old and new UFO cases, close encounters of the third kind and much more. The video archive is a collection of complete documentaries about UFO and extraterrestrial encounters. People who saw things, things they cannot explain and the governments and "scientists" many times try to humiliate them for speaking out. Where ever you live where ever you are born, the truth is out there, keep watching our skies. NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS MOMENT 


News clippings about UFOs & extraterrestrials

ufoThe news clipping archive about UFOs & extraterrestrials go back as far as the 17th century our earliest UFO clipping is dated 4 January 1681. Also we have news clippings from close encounters of the third kind and alien encounters. All the articles are translated into English. The UFO and Extraterrestrial section of the AwE130 archive is a must read for everyone who is interested in the subject of UFOs and aliens. The collection has at this moment over 300 news clippings related to the UFO phenomena and encounters with aliens from all around the world. Did you know that the Dutch physicist, mathematician, astronomer and inventor, Christiaan Huygens 14 April 1629 - 8 July 1695, hypothesize on the possibility of extraterrestrial life in his work Cosmotheoros, which was published shortly before his death in 1695. We will release new clippings on a regular base.


Space clippings about space exploration

news-paperThe AwE130 space (ruimtevaart) collection of Dutch news articles is a vast collection of news clippings related to early space exploration. Just as with the UFO archive the articles are translated into English. Did you know that the Huygens probe, NASA landed on the Titan one of the moon's of Saturn, was named after the Dutchman Christiaan Huygens. In this section you will also find news clippings about comets and other sky phenomena that are most likely not related to UFOs. The earliest clipping is dated 27 January 1665 and describes a comet that was seen in Seville Spain. This section of the AwE130 is frequently updated with new clippings. For native Dutch speakers we have a second archive, the news clippings are sorted by year of publication and are not translated.


Miscellaneous collection


This is a collection of random news articles from Adolf Hitler escaping from Berlin on the end of the second world war to Mermaids seen by sailors. But also the mysterious hot oasis on Antarctica, or the findings of remains of giants. As you will understand it is a colorful collection of news articles, specially prepared for our readers, who want to be surprised by exciting and sometimes shocking information. We guaranty you that your head will spin after reading these articles.