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NASA this looks so fake.

A documentary of the Apollo 11 launch, lunar landing and exploration and return to earth which included a stay in quarantine.

1966 The Lunar Module  

Ridicules claims by NASA and MIT believes it.

This 1966 MIT Science Reporter television program details the development and construction of the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), the only vehicle of the three Apollo spacecraft modules that actually lands on the moon. Project engineer Thomas Kelly gives a tour of the LEM at Grumman Aircraft in Long Island, NY, and demonstrates the LEM Automatic Checkout System, while test pilot Robert Smyth demonstrates the lunar landing simulator via an electronic computer-controlled model of the Moon. The program is presented by MIT in association with WGBH-TV Boston, and hosted by MIT reporter John Fitch; it was produced for NASA. MIT Museum Collections. The video can also be found on Youtube, we have however experienced that videos disappear from YT and that is why we have stored this material as it clearly shows that NASA was not up to the task to land man on the moon.

NASA Moon Landing Simulation test

This is how NASA faked the Apollo moon landings.

This rare NASA footage shows how the NASA faked the Apollo moon landing footage. It becomes very clear when you watch the similation video. The simulation part starts at 0:55, note the floor under the Lunar Module simulator, it is a mirror. This was done so they could project any "lunar" surface under the simulator. All the descent and ascent footage is filmed this way. Special thanks to NASA for releasing this footage.

Live TV broadcast Apollo 11

Filmed in the Netherlands with 8mm camera.

Live Apollo 11 broadcast filmed from TV in the Netherlands with 8mm film camera. Your grandparents may tell you that they saw the Apollo 11 moon landing on TV and that is why they think it was real. Here is what they really saw (or better didn't see). Very ghosty images and hardly any details are seen. They totally took the mickey out of your grandparents.