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Live TV broadcast Apollo 11

Filmed in the Netherlands with 8mm camera.

Live Apollo 11 broadcast filmed from TV in the Netherlands with 8mm film camera. Your grandparents may tell you that they saw the Apollo 11 moon landing on TV and that is why they think it was real. Here is what they really saw (or better didn't see). Very ghosty images and hardly any details are seen. They totally took the mickey out of your grandparents.


  • Up Next Intro 8mm Apollo 11
  • Up Next 00095 Neil climbs out the Lunar Module
  • Up Next 00100 Neil walks towards the cameraman
  • Up Next 00305 Panorama shot around the Lunar Module
  • Up Next 00311 Whatever, this is filmed on a sound stage
  • Up Next 00310 Reflections in the visors
  • Up Next 00325 Astronaut on left side of the screen
  • Up Next 00330 Walking backwards on the moon
  • Up Next 00390 Something that looks like the Lunar Module