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The fake golf ball shot on the moon

Alan Shepard exposed playing golf.

The following NASA footage of Alan Shepard's golf ball shot is provable taken on earth and not on the moon. You simply analyse the soil when Alan tries to hit the ball. The sand (1:03 - 1:15 - 1:37) clearly doesn't make a near perfect arc as it would do if they were at the moon. The sand acts like it hits an atmosphere, just as you would see when you hit sand on a beach.

The third moon landing, the show must go on

Fra Mauro the propaganda continues

The story of Apollo 14 has a high Disney content, it was clearly made to convince the masses of the authenticity of the Apollo 14 moon landing. The footage from Lunar orbit at the end of part 1 and the beginning of part 2, looks very much like the simulator footage stored in the "AwE130 Apollo 11 film archive".  It becomes blatantly clear that the Apollo 14 mission never even reached Lunar orbit.