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Presentation Jim Irwin 1988

28 September 1988, Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs.

Colonel James Irwin speaks about his Apollo 15 experience. The presentation was given at the Pikes Peak Library District in Colorado Springs. This presentation was given on the eve before the first space shuttle flight, after the Challenger disaster. Jim Irwin died mysterious in 1991, just after he had contacted the Apollo moon landing investigator Bill Kaysing. He wanted to tell something to Bill but he died the day they would met Bill of a heart attack.

The first Lunar rover show

NASA wanted you to feel that you were part of the mission.

The Apollo 15 mission was the first mission equipped with a Lunar rover. It was basically a stripped down army jeep. On the jeep a camera was connected that could be controlled from Houston. They tried to give the viewer the feeling to be the third astronaut on the moon. This are not my words but those of NASA (Video part 2). Totally bizarre if you think of it today, but you grandparents fell for it.