Looking back at warfare in time

strange (1)6  March 1941, when England was still an island.

An air balloon invasion planned. Every day German news reports that the luftwaffe is sinking ships, destroying important ports, laying mines at ports, attacking enemy troops, etc. It is therefore clear to everyone that air navigation represents an important part of modern warfare. Germany also recognized that when it started creating the most powerful air fleet in the world. However, in times long gone by, people have already thought of the possibility of waging the war from the air. Numerous plans were designed, in which the imagination played a particularly strong role. Some were temporarily successful, while others ended in failure. In general, the lack of technology made effective aviation impossible.

Meat rain USA

strange (1)14 March 1876, It rains meat.

The magazines report that on the 8th at Mount Sterling Kentucky,  strange phenomenon has been observed. From a clear sky fell or rained it large quantities of meat. Pigs and chickens ate it eagerly.

Flying platform

strange (1)1 May 1955, Hiller Helicopters Company (Photo + Video).

The Hiller Helicopters Company has constructed a new type of single man helicopter for the American Maritime Investigation Office. This modern flying carpet is called "Flying Platform", rises on two oppositely rotating screws that are mounted at the bottom of the floor. The screws are driven by two engines that together develop less than 100 hp. The invention, which is controlled by moving the body weight of the pilot, can be lifted and transported by two men. 

Flying platform Russia

strange (1) 7 October 1957, Also Russia has flying platform.

According to the Russian magazine "Sovietskaya Rosslya", a successful test was undertaken in Russia with a "flying platform" equipped with jet engines. According to the magazine, the new aircraft was recently tested at Tusjino airport outside Moscow. The magazine published a photograph of the aircraft, which showed similarity with the "flying platform" of the US Navy, which made its first free flight in February 1955. Unlike the American model, the Russian model has a closed cockpit and four vertical supports that look like table legs. According to the test pilot Joejoea Garanaev, the device is excellent to handle in the air and has a remarkable maneuverability. The model differs from the "flying saucer".

Underground fire in Russia

strange (1)15 November 1804, mysterious fire.

PETERSBURG 28 October. These days a large underground fire has broken out close to the Phanagoria Fortress on the peninsula of Tarnau. Such a Nature phenomenon has been seen there for several years, without being able to trace the cause. Yesterday evening we had such a strong Northern light here that one has not seen for several years.