South pole ice free oases discovered (Video)

strange (1)20 October 1949, Warm ice free areas.

Twinkling warm lakes amidst eternal ice. There are regular South Pole expeditions and soon the now almost 60-year old admiral Byrd will leave again. As is known, the South Pole, unlike the North Pole, is a mainland, about the same size as Europe.

Ice free areas Antarctica

strange (1)25 March 1947, Ice free oasis discovered.

There is a good reason to discuss the South Pole, since reconnaissance flight near Knox Coast, of the Byrd's expedition, have discovered ice free oasis consisting of large, dark brown hills and reflecting lakes. The hills are conical and about 170 meters high.

The giant of Rotterdam Netherlands

strange (1)9 April 1975, Rigardus Rijnhout, 2.35 meters long, died in 1959.

(From one of our reporters) ROTTERDAM The remains of the "Giant of Rotterdam" (Rigardus Rijnhout, 2.35 meters long, died in 1959) were transferred to the Anatomical Laboratory in Leiden, at the request of the father, who athorized science to investigate the skeleton. No publicity was given to the grave removal. The mayor of Rotterdam has 'formally' granted his permission.

The Queen and the giant skeleton (Photo)

strange (1)9 November 1962, Irish giant Charles Byrne 1761 to 1783.

In awe, Queen Elizabeth II of England looks up at the skeleton of the Irish giant Charles Byrne, who lived from 1761 to 1783 and had a length of 2.45 meters. The skeleton is in the "Hunterian Museum", which is part of a medical school in London. The new building of this school was opened by the Queen.

Skeleton of the Irish Giant O'Brian (Photo)

strange (1)17 March 1928, Irish giant.

Skeleton of the Irish giant O'Brian from the collection of the Scottish physiologist John Hunter, whose birthday, 200 years ago, was recently celebrated.