British search for Nazi documents about Antarctica

strange (1)29 January 1954, The English sent a secret agent to Germany.

The English sent a secret agent to Germany, who has to search the archives of the Third Reich, for reports of a large German Polar expedition, which stayed in Antarctica in 1938. This expedition was the first, which established that on the South Pole mainland are also areas that are snow and ice-free, later the Americans also discovered such Pool oases./span>

Russian scholar is working on a killing beam

strange (1)14 July 1947, Prof. Arkelyan working on killer ray.

FROM Ankara message UP- The Russian laboratory at the top of the eight thousand foot high mountain Alagez, close to the historic mountain Ararat. Where Noah with his ark would have landed, some progress has been made with the investigation of the killing beam. It is believed that Soviet leaders consider the discovery of the killing beam more important than the completion of the atomic bomb.

Green Rain in Naples Italy

strange (1)14 February 1934, Strange rain in Italy.

Yesterday a strange phenomenon was observed in Naples, where during heavy rainfall, of half an hour, the rain turned into a green color, which left its traces on the houses.

Three ape-men threaten workers in Malaysia

strange (1)27 January 1954 , Primate also seen in Kelantan and Perak.

Singapore. Workers at the Trolak plantation in South Perak on Malacca are escorted by armed man to get to their work. It is not the Communists for whom they are afraid, but it are the heavily hairy monkey people, who suddenly emerged from the jungle and scare the workers. The director of the museum in Kuala Lumpur, Seiveking, has examined the reports of the natives who have seen the ape-men.

Strange phenomenon in Sognefjord Norway

strange (1)20 May 1925, Water becomes white and dead fish floating around.

Bergen, 19 May, in the Sognefjord the lowest and most famous of the Norwegian fjords is a strange phenomenon observed in recent times. The water that normally is clear and dark becomes milky white and cloudy, and dead fish floating on the surface. A scientific investigation into this strange phenomenon will be done by the government.