Strange phenomenon Den Hague Netherlands

strange (1)13 October 1966 dead birds fall from the sky.

On Wednesday morning, the strange phenomenon of birds falling from the sky, which were immediately dead, was again seen at Den Hague.

Mermaids on the Dutch Antilles

strange (1)23 October 1951, Mermaid Di Awa and Mamparia Cutu.

Do not tell any fisherman that the mermaid belongs to the realm of fables, because that is certainly not true, there is no doubt about their existence. Everyone has heard it from someone else, and all the old fishermen claim that they exist.

Mountain looms up from the sea (Denmark).

strange (1)3 September 1803, Mountain rose about 20 feet above the water overnight.

PLOEN the 18th of August. In the night of the 15th to the 16th, a strange Natural phenomenon took place. In the middle of the Clavetzer Sea a halve mile from here, they discovered on the 16 early in the morning, at the location where the sea was the deepest, a Mountain, which rose about 20 feet above the water, which at this moment, has sunk to four Feet. The extent of this mountain above the water is not very great, but under water it is said that it has a fairly large circumference. The Earth of that Mountain is Peat entirely with a white crust cover or ash. One has not seen any extraordinary movement of the Sea at all, and even the previous evening fisherman were fishing on that spot.

Skeleton giant found in USA

strange (1)3 March 1846, Franklin in Tennessee.

Finally a giant, at least a giant's skeleton, has been found. A credible American magazine, the Madison Baner, reports that when a well was dug at Franklin in Tennessee, at 50 feet in the ground, a human skeleton of eighteen feet in length was found, the Skeleton is almost complete, the shinbone measures five feet, and who has walked around with it must have been twenty feet long. There is already an offered of 8,000 Dollar for the skeleton, but the finder wants to take part in an art trip, and to do so, he will assemble the skeleton with wire work.

Mermaid Fort Zeelandias (Taiwan)

strange (1)23 April 1938, Mermaid seen as bad sign for the Dutch.

The story is not done. Three ships were anchored at the Baxamboy reed, and these ships were at night as if in full flames and seemed to be in battle. Nothing was heard, however, the crew of these ships also saw the same thing happening to the fort Zeelandia.