The fake Dutch moon rock and the Prince

moon hoax 1Moon rock gate, in the Netherlands.

On 9 October 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts visited the Netherlands during the goodwill tour. As reported before and as you can read in newspapers all around the world a fake moon rock was given to the former Prime Minister Willem Drees. In the article "The Queen and the fake moon rock" we showed that the fake moon rock was given to the Queen of the Netherlands at the royal palace by the Apollo 11 crew. Let us introduce a second fake moon rock that was given to Prince Bernhard who received it as a souvenir in 1969 or early 1970.

According to the Dutch newspaper "de Telegraaf" also Prince Bernhard, the husband of the Dutch Queen, got an Apollo 11 moon rock in 1969 or early 1970. The newspaper De Telegraaf reports on 6 August 1970: 

fake moon rock Prince Bernard"On 24 July 1969 the moon rocks arrived on earth. Within a few months, after the first examination at the moon rock laboratory, samples were sent to more then 500 scientists in nine countries. The Netherlands was one of those nine countries. The moon rock on display in the museum in Leiden is not examined in our own laboratory, the moon rock was donated by Prins Bernhard, who had received the moon rock as a souvenir." [*1]

Today the only known "real" moon rocks in the Netherlands are in possession of the museum in Leiden. It are samples from Apollo 11 and 17 stored in the dungeons of the museum. The moon rock donated by Prins Bernhard to the museum in Leiden has disappeared. It was a single moon rock as the article clearly states in the last line.

"The single moon rock inside a glass container is on display in the museum in Leiden."

maansteen in museum

Prince Bernhard was presented with a moon rock in 1970 by US Ambassador to the Netherlands Middendorf, yes this is the same US Ambassador who presented Willem Drees with a fake moon rock on 9 October 1969. The rock given to the Prince in January 1970 was 34.1 grams and it is clearly marked by the Dutch media as a moon rock that was given by NASA for temporary display.

1970 moon rock prince BernhardThe moon rock given to the museum in Leiden was described as a single moon rock Prince Bernhard got as a souvenir. The moon rock Prince Bernhard got from US Ambassador Middendorf was for temporary display. These are two different moon rocks as one was a gift (souvenir) and the other was given for temporary display. 

The moon rock Prince Bernhard got as a souvenir and was donated to the museum in Leiden disappeared. The moon rock given to the Dutch Queen by the Apollo 11 crew has also disappeared, and the moon rock given to Willem Drees by US Ambassador Middendorf is proven to be fake. It is more than likely that the disappeared moon rocks given to the Dutch Royals were also fake and that is why they all disappeared.

More moon rocks given to the Netherlands

But wait there is another moon rock that was given to a professor in the Netherlands. A news article in the "Friese Koerier" reported in 1969 that the Dutch prof. dr. H. C. van der Hulst would receive a piece of moon rock as a gift for his research. NASA was giving everyone in the Netherlands moon rocks and they all have disappeared except the Apollo 11 and 17 samples and the one now known as the fake Dutch moon rock. To be continued....

[*1] Moon rock donated by Prince Bernhard to museum