Desert tortoise appears on Apollo 11 images

moon hoax 1Is it a tortoise or a rock, you are the judge.

Many people think that the Apollo mission photos are made on Earth. The following four official Apollo 11 mission images show something that looks like a desert tortoise on the moon. In the end you are the judge in a journey towards the truth for all mankind. The four images we will show you are from the Apollo 11 mission (AS11-40-5954 to 5957) and are on display at the Lunar Planetary Institute (LPI) website.

When you use the high resolution images you can find the desert tortoise looking animal. The desert tortoise can be found in all four images. We marked the location in the thumbnail Apollo 11 mission images below.


5954 5957 tortoise 2

Credit to NASA for the Apollo mission images.

The Tortoise

The images of the tortoise above are screen shots of the high resolution images you can find on the LPI website. Zoom in to the areas we have marked and you will see the tortoise looking animal. The desert tortoise shield is standing out in the Apollo 11 mission images. NASA is this a rock on the moon or a desert tortoise somewhere on earth? Here are the links to the high resolution images:

AS11/40/5954 - AS11/40/5955 - AS11/40/5956 - AS11/40/5957

5954 5957 tortoise 3


It is most likely that the camera operator is moving, unless there is major movement of the subject in opposition to the surrounding landscape, the ability to detect movement of the "tortoise" will be inconclusive. Roll mouse over images below to see the movement of the camera position. 




The good thing about the camera operator is moving, now we can obtain a higher resolution image by grouping them, as we will have different pixels locations of the subject which can then be reassembled into a new sharper image. The first image is the four images stacked and fused together. The second image is the four images stacked, fused together, sharpened and 2 times enlarged. What ever this object is it is a very interesting object and we would like to hear an explanation for from NASA, who was informed of this finding by AwE130 back in 2015.


Stacked and fused 1 4   Stacked and fused 1 4 x2

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