NASA administrator Bolden, no man to the moon

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The truth is NASA has no idea how to land man on the moon.

NASA chief Charles Bolden said that the space agency won't be sending astronauts to land on the moon any time soon. The U.S. space agency won't be leading the way back to the moon in the foreseeable future, in order to maintain its focus on manned missions to an asteroid, and eventually to Mars.

The Impossible Apollo 11 Hasselblad Camera Shots

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NASA just looks the other way when they can't answer a question.

Our previous article "The Apollo 11 Landing Point Designator" explains how the LPD must have been in the view field of the hasselblad camera even though it does not show up in the Hasselblad photographs. Further more we learn that it is possible to calculate the position of the camera when the picture was taken. We will now show that the Apollo 11 photographs from the lunar surface are made in a studio environment and not on the moon.

Apollo 17 the end of a lie

moon hoax 1Tribute to James Collier.

This was the last Apollo moon flight and never ever did any space agency leave the save space of low earth orbit. Almost 50 years and NASA claims they have lost all paper work and original data. It reminds me of a story about a man I once knew. He claimed he could make gold from sea water. When I visited him he showed all the gold he had made from sea water. It was indeed the highest quality gold you could find on earth. But when he was asked to show how he did it he would tell you, I forgot. In 1997 one of the best documentaries ever made about the Apollo moon landings was released with the title "Was It Only a Paper Moon". We have uploaded the documentary in its entirety.

The Earth seen from the moon

moon hoax 1NASA model from 1965 shows the earts size seen from the moon.

The following official NASA photograph 65-H-161 was released on Feb. 15, 1965. The information on the backside reads: "This is a model of a small region of the lunar surface based on the area covered in the final p-camera picture transmitted by Ranger VII. This model was made by a photo-metric scaling process, a technique developed by Dr E.H. Shoemaker, USGS, Astro-Geology Branch, Flagstaff, Arizona."

The fake Dutch moon rock and the Prince

moon hoax 1Moon rock gate, in the Netherlands.

On 9 October 1969 the Apollo 11 astronauts visited the Netherlands during the goodwill tour. As reported before and as you can read in newspapers all around the world a fake moon rock was given to the former Prime Minister Willem Drees. In the article "The Queen and the fake moon rock" we showed that the fake moon rock was given to the Queen of the Netherlands at the royal palace by the Apollo 11 crew. Let us introduce a second fake moon rock that was given to Prince Bernhard who received it as a souvenir in 1969 or early 1970.