Apollo 12, this is the blackest black I ever saw

moon hoax 1No stars reported only the blackest black.

During the Apollo 12 mission astronaut Conrad made the following observation in lunar orbit. You can find the transcript on the history.nasa.gov website. Conrad: "Even Earth orbit at night or the daytime, the sky was never as black as it is here". According to Conrad the sky, as he calls it, is the blackest black he has ever seen. If this is the case then the stars must have stuck out like a sore thumb.

 Apollo 15, Footprints and rocks disappear

moon hoax 1Magic on the moon the Apollo 15 blunder.

The Apollo 15 images AS15-82-11138 to 11141 is the work of NASA whistleblowers. The Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ) and the NASA are well aware of these 4 images. According the NASA/ALSJ it is perfectly normal that footprints disappear on the moon. The images are taken in a studio environment and someone really "screwed up" or did someone leave a message for you all.

Interview with Albino Galuppini

moon hoax 1 The writer of the biography of Bill Kaysing.

 An AwE130 interview with Albino Galuppini, writer of the biography of Bill Kaysing. The adventures and life of bill kaysing are written down in the book "La Penna Diu Veloce Del West" what translates as "The Fastest Pen Of The West". The one hour interview is just the beginning of an adventure that has never ended. A life full of action and adventure and of course the fake Apollo moon landings.

Apollo 8 the facts do matter

moon hoax 1The very questionable Apollo 8 timeline.

In December 1968 Apollo 8 was the second manned Apollo flight. According to space history it orbited the moon with three astronauts on board and returned safely back to earth. If that is the case why has no other space agency repeated this achievement. The Apollo 8 project is surrounded by questions with little to none answers. Did you know that the Apollo 8 flight was originally scheduled to be an unmanned earth orbital mission. Here is the story of Apollo 8 in a few simple steps. [AS 503 was the Apollo 8 rocket]

Life on the moon

moon hoax 1The Russians suspect life on the moon in the Plato crater.

In 1959 professor Tikhof tells that the Luna 3 will check if there is life on the moon, especially at the Plato crater. If you believe NASA, then our moon is a dead rock floating in space. In 2009 NASA had to admit that water was discovered on the moon, just under it surface and if there is water there could be life.