Faking Apollo moon landing easier as you think

moon hoax 114 year old shows how easy it was to fake the Apollo moonlandings.

According to some Apollo believers it was almost impossible to fake the Apollo images. We put this claim to the test with a 8mm film made by a 14 year old boy in 1972. The video we found was uploaded to youtube by user Tom Edison on March 2, 2013. He states in the information box below the video, that the video was made when he he was 14 years old in his parents basement. He used a 8mm camera and plastic models. Credit to Tom Edison who created this 8mm film in 1972.

Apollo 10 the near crash on the moon

moon hoax 1

The story keeps changing it becomes embarrassing.

In 1969 Apollo 10 did a lunar landing test and something went wrong. Today there are several different versions of what exactly happened. On the Discovery Channel series "Rocket Science" Apollo 10 astronaut Cernan told how he saw the horizon come by 8 times in 15 seconds. However, in the sixties the story was told completely differently.

The fake Dutch moon rock and the Queen

moon hoax 1The moon rock given to the Netherlands by the Apollo crew was fake. 

In 2009 the news broke in the Netherlands that a fake moon rock was given to the former Prime Minister Willem Drees. During the goodwill tour in 1969 Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin visited the Netherlands. J. William Middendorf, the American ambassador to the Netherlands, handed a rock to former Prime Minister Drees.

5000 reasons why the moon landings were a hoax

moon hoax 1Sir Bernard Lovell about the van Allen Belts.

The Apollo man of steel exposed by Sir Bernard Lovell in a Oxford University Press publication from 1962. Over the years people all over the world have stopped believing in the Apollo moon landings. In this article we will give you 5000 reasons why the radiation in the Van Allen belts are deadly to humans. Information about the inner and outer van Allen radiation belts from the early sixties reveals the truth. The Apollo astronauts are man of steel or maybe better, man of lead. 

Moon soil looks and acts like wet sand

moon hoax 1NASA what is it, is the moon soil like wet zand or bone dry.

In 1967 the Surveyor 3 found that soil on the moon acted like wet sand. The Russians reported in 1976 that they had discovered water on the moon. In 1967 the Dutch news reported that the moon soil acted like wet sand, at 1:04 in the video below you see the Surveyor 3 digging on the moon surface. The Surveyor 3 was the third lander of the American unmanned Surveyor program and it was sent to explore the surface of the Moon.