Kenitra & Sidi Yahya in Morocco

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Apollo and the mysterious third radio signals.

During a Coast to Coast AM broadcast with Art Bell a listener calls in with this story about  a Apollo moon landing linked project at Kenitra and Sidi Yahya in Morocco. During the Apollo 11 mission strange radio signals were heard that did not come from ground control or from Apollo 11. The only logical explanation, is that there must have been a third party involved. In Morocco there was a secret base that could have been the source of this mysterious third radio signal. Listen to the audio recording.

Apollo 10 on the backside of the moon

moon hoax 1Mega blunder by Cernan on the backside of the moon.

Communication between Stafford and Cernan on the back side of the moon. The following Apollo 10 video clip shows Gene Cernan and Tom Stafford in the Lunar Module Snoopy, at the back side of the moon. The on board audio recorder (Like a voice black-box in an airplane) captured every piece of dialogue between the astronauts.

Altered image on display, facts are facts NASA

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The art of altering images, whistleblowers at work.

According to the ALSJ, all images on its website labelled "OF300" are scans from the original NASA film. If this is the case then NASA did a terrible job with image AS11-37-5548. The ALSJ has some journal contributors that are very skilled at analysing images down to the last pixel. So how do they explain image AS11-37-5548. If you look at this image you will notice that some parts do not show any detail at all.

Apollo 14 & 12 photos are taken in perfect sequence

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The work of whistleblowers within NASA.

This article will show you that someone has used the same sequence of images for the Earth rise event during Apollo 14 and Apollo 12. In December 1969 Apollo 12 did bring back the following Hasselblad images AS12-47-6879 to 6895 of the Earth rise. In February 1971 Apollo 14 did also bring back Hasselblad images from the Earth rise AS14-66-9224 to 9228.

Apollo 11, the art of altering historical photographs

moon hoax 1History doesn't need altering, a hoax on the other hand does.

We have made an overlay of Apollo 11 photo AS11-40-5849 the photo you see first (gray) is the photo as shown in the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal (ALSJ) today, The second photo was on display until 2003 on the NASA website (ALSJ).