Sun column Prague (Czech Republic)

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18 August 1824, Strange air phenomenon.

On June 8 a strange air phenomenon was observed in Prague, of which they made the following description public: At sunset a very light sun-pillar of a pyramidal shape appeared above the sun, which appeared high red at the bottom, but darker red from the top. When the sun went down, she reached about the height of 5 degrees, while she looked like a light pillar of fire and had a beautiful shape.

Deep impact Canada

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7 May 1640, What did hit Canada.

ENGLAND. LONDON, 1st May. From upper-Canada is reported an extremely large air phenomenon When it hit the ground, on the estate called Cooks Manor. When it hit the ground the air and ground were shaken so violently that people thought that they were feeling an earthquake. The date of the event was not specified, they did however add that there has been no damage reported.

Comet falls on Dusseldorf Germany

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31 October 1816, Comet smells like sulfur.

DUSSELDORF, October 20th. Yesterday evening at 9 o'clock, a great fireball felt down in one of the streets of this city, which, after it was cooled down retained solid, but could easy be broken into pieces. It had a strong sulfur smell. This air phenomenon should be counted among the rare. (Niederreinische Zeitung).

Comet over Italy

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21 January 1681, Bad predictions.

Rome the 28th of December. The fear here is still great about the conscious comet, which was not seen for 800 years, or from the time that the Turkish Monarchy began, which was equal to the plague, famine or war, imprisonment or the death of a great leader, betrayal and change of states or religion, here it is predicted that the Pope will die in a few months. 

Comet Turin Italy

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28 January 1681, Bad signs in the sky.

Turin 1 January. On Christmas Eve one has seen a horrible comet here, from which some great mischief is predicted, especially after his royal highness has departed with his bride, from here to Lisbon.