Multiple suns in the sky in Italy

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23 April 1785, Florence reports sky phenomenon.

FLORENCE the 25th of March. We have received the following description of a sky phenomenon, which has been observed by many. Last Saturday about 8 o'clock In the morning one saw the phenomenon, which one can imagine as; an azure arch cut through the Zenith, and covered the Horizon, which was decorated with circles and rays, of colors similar to the Rainbow, and, moreover, increased by other Suns.

Russian artificial moon has claimed a victim

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15 October 1957, Engineer Karl Heinz Huber hits wife with bottle.

The Russian artificial moon has claimed a victim in West Germany. The 22-year-old engineer Karl Heinz Huber in Mannheim became furious, because his girlfriend, the 28-year-old Christel Bialek, gave up high on the skills of the Russian technicians. Huber took a bottle of tomato paste and smashed it on his girlfriends head.

Russian ahead in space race

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5 October 1959, Russians will land cosmonauts on the moon next year.

While, Khrushchev during his visit to the USA was able to derive prestige from the first lunar landing of Lunik II, are the Americans sitting at the lumps of their latest lunar rocket, which exploded in a start test about a week ago. It will certainly take a month before they can make their next attempt.

The moon is not yellow

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19 May 1959, Prof. Nikolai Barabasjow about the color of the moon.

The moon is not uniformly yellow in color, as some scholars believe, but there are red, brown, yellow, green, blue and other shades, Prof. Nikolai Barabasjow, director of the astronomical observatory of Kharkov, has stated. The professor also rejects the theory that the moon surface would be covered with volcanic ash and cosmic dust. According to him, on the lunar surface, there is a layer of grit of rock that is only a few centimeters thick.

The color of the moon

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18 July 1918, Professor Dr Richarz about the color of the moon.

We find some interesting information about the color of the moon in Kosmos as a result of the research of Professor Dr Richarz. Of course, everyone has noticed that the moon has a different color by day and night. By day it appears white, at night it is yellow. Richarz's who researches what cause the blue color of the sky by day already showed some years ago that the air polluted by all kinds of airborne particles, as so-called "cloudy medium", hinders the passage of the white sunlight.