what is going on with the sun

krant 127 August 1950, Color change of the sun caused panic.

The last three days the sun has caused twice panic due to strange behaviors, says Reuter. The sun changed, at least it appeared that way, color. Last Sunday she had a purple tint in North America and on Tuesday the sun looked sapphire blue was in northern England

Rare audio conversation, Von Braun and Willy Ley

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9 June 1959,  New York City and 23 June in Huntstville Alabama.

Two rare recordings of a conversation between German rocket scientists Wernher Von Braun and Willy Ley. Highlights of part one include the development of the German rocket programs before and during the second world war. In part two they speak about the US space program in the 1950's. Part one was recorded on the 9th of June 1959 in New York City, part two was recorded two weeks later at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama on the 23 June 1959.

Vanguard Satellites Jupiter C launch (Video)

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1958, Explorers Of Outer Space.

By Encyclopaedia Britannica. The basic principles of space exploration via satellites is discussed with the help of live photography and animated drawings. In November 1957 the Soviet Union launched their second Sputnik, much larger and heavier than the first one. America's first success in space came on January 31, 1958, when Explorer 1 was launched aboard an Army Jupiter-C missile. In February 1958 a second U.S. attempt to launch a Vanguard satellite failed.

Who flies with us to the moon

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19 October 1946, The space race began in 1946.

Who flies with us to the moon? In America people are busy preparing a trip to the moon. Robert L. Farnsworth president of the American Society of Flying Arrows told. A device will be assembled, which will reach 40,000 km per hour! With this nice speed, he hopes to reach our loyal Guardian in nine and a half hours! Who want to join, you can contact Mr. Robert L. Farnsworth for reservations.

Radiation one hundred times stronger than expected

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29 October 1965, Radiation discovered by Zond-2.

MOSKOU (AP). Extremely powerful radio waves of unknown origin have been discovered in the universe by equipment in the Zond-2, as reported from Moscow. The radiation is one hundred times stronger than expected. So far it could not be determined where the waves came from, one of the assumptions is that they come from Jupiter.