First European rocket causes panic on Sicily

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8 July 1964, Payload, barium and ammonium released at 200 km height.

CATANIA, Wednesday The nose cone of the first European rocket, which was built in the Netherlands, caused panic in Sicily. Thousands of people have called the police to know what kind of flying saucer that shone a fiery light across the country. The rocket was fired at Salto di Quirra in Sardinia and with a payload of barium and ammonium, which was dispersed in the atmosphere at a height of about 200 km. There were bright clouds that provided the ground services with data on wind flow, temperature, etc..

Screams from space

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23 March 1965, The recordings of Giovanni-Batista and Achie Juidica-Cordigho.

On October 20, 1962, the astronaut Lodovski, whose last message was, that he was in a bad shape and that it got harder and harder to talk. The suspicion that Lieutenant Colonel Leonov was not the first "Space Walker" is supported by Giovanni-Batista and Achie Juidica-Cordigho with their sound recordings of Belokonov who swooped around the globe from 8 to 12 November 1962.

Russian Spaceship to fly to the moon

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20 October 1951, Rocket with 350 million horsepower.

According to an article in the Russian magazine "Red Fleet", the Soviet Union is busy designing a spaceship for a flight to the moon, a rocket of 1000 tons with a length of 60 meters, a cross section 15 meters and equipped with 20 jet engines that could develop 350 million horsepower.

Russians within two years to the moon

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17 December 1957, Prof. Stanjukovich, Man would ware heavy metal clothing.

It seems that the first flight to or around the moon will take place within one and a half to two years. "This is what the Soviet scholar Prof. K. Stanjukovich has written in an article quoted by the news agency TASS. Prof. dr. Stanjukovich is a member of the commission for interplanetary travel of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. His article, which appeared in the magazine "In defense of peace", bears the title: "A flight to the moon is possible". 

Radio call via the moon

krant 18 September 1960, Call via the moon.

Between two American engineers, one in New Jersey and the other in California, a short telephone call was made that did not pass over land cables, but by radio link via the moon. Engineer William C. Jakes established a connection from his labaratory in Holmdel New Jersey, with engineer Walter K. Victor, who works at the rocket arsenal in Goldstone in California.