UFO Middelburg Netherlands


17 October 1949, Residents Middelburg see Flying disk.

Residents of Middelburg spotted a flying disk above their city on Saturday morning. This was the first time that a flying disk visited our country. It is time for the world to find out where these mysterious aerial projectiles come from. It was reported that the projectile came from the East.

UFOs in the USA


8 July 1949, Americans watching the skies.

(From our correspondent) NEW YORK, July 7. The appearance of the disks in the American sky, is currently occupying scholars and air force experts in the United States. Crews of planes, and hundreds of people in the Midwest have given detailed descriptions of the mysterious objects that are round, flat and shiny and fly at all kinds of heights, with a speed ranging from 400 to 1800 km.

UFO Portland USA


5 July 1947, A strange appearance.

Several people in Portland saw a strange air phenomenon. It looked like a strange plane. It had the shape of a flying disk. (Portland (/ P) July 5).

UFOs seen in the USA


8 July 1947, The flying disk.

New reports are coming in about the flying disks or flying saucer, the strange phenomenon that was seen in the sky over Portland. Since June 25 reports have been coming in on this strange air phenomenon. They do not yet have an explanation for it. Upon closer investigation, it now appears that the mysterious "things" are seen in 38 States. It was also seen in the Columbia district and in Canada. The air patrol in Oregon as seen nothing (Oregon. (ff) 7.7)

Was this a UFO crash in Indonesia?

ufo18 October 1883, From Salatiga (Indonesia).

Yesterday afternoon around 5:30 pm, a beautiful sky phenomenon moved over our hometown, a meteor, which was easy to recognize, even in daylight, on the long shining tail that he dragged behind him. After a few moments moving with a great speed, it burst into a blow, much like that of a gunshot fired at a relatively short distance, the reverberation of which was heard for some time.