Flying disk is a weather balloon


11 July 1947, Hotel owner in Brighton has seen UFO.

The US Army has probably solved the mystery of the flying disks. After one was found on a ranch near Roswell in New Mexico, the object could be identified as a weather balloon. This is used to determine the direction and speed of the wind at high altitudes. About eighty weather stations in the US use this type of balloon.

Sirius is troublemaker


30 December 1976, Attempt to minimize the UFOs seen on Dutch Christmas night.

The curious, colorful phenomena that many hundreds of people have seen on the night during the last few days do not appear to have come from extraterrestrial beings or from Russian planes that are sneaking through the radar screens to snoop on us. Nothing of that. The big troublemaker is Sirius an ordinary star. That is at least the firm conviction of the Utrecht astronomer professor C. de Jager. Just as every year, according to De Jager, Sirius is in a sertain place on the horizon and its light shines on the earth. It is an attractive sight, because the colors are always different: green, "red, orange. 

Animal mutilation case in the year 1826

ufo18 June 1826, UFO kills two horses and a cow in Belgium.

On the 31st of May, about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, an air phenomenon in the shape of a fireball, accompanied by a storm cloud, was seen above Massles, in the canton of Ath in Hainault. The residents and the laborers working in the quarries were frightened by it. 

UFOs discussed in 1840 Dutch Antilles

ufo114 November 1840, the sky phenomenon of the evening of October 15th.

Although a month has already elapsed since this phenomenon occurred, it cannot be considered unnecessary to report about this again, since it has yielded a generous substance for discussions and assessments. The evening of the report around 9 o'clock a light phenomenon with a rapid speed from the north to the south was seen in a clear sky and at a height of about 40 ° above the horizon disintegrated into a long and fairly broad stripe or tail. It had a phosphoric shine, and remained visible for about fifteen minutes. This line of light immediately broadened and then split into two parts, which, due to the various twists of the imagination, gave ample room to see the strange shapes of a snake or dragon.

Flying disk seen in Colchester England

ufo121 November 1801, It had the shape of a perfectly round brilliant disk.

In the last part of October, an air phenomenon was seen at Colchester, which has already been noticed several times before severe hurricanes and other sky disturbances in the atmosphere are taking place. It looked like a gleaming fireball that suddenly ran from the south to the north over the city.