12 July 1947, No! Make no mistake.

No! Make no mistake. It is a flying saucer, but it has nothing to do with the American one. What you see is nothing but a super-modern model of an English aircraft factory, which the designer hopes will reach a speed of 1800 km per hour!

Flying saucers nonsense or a well-kept secret

ufo16 September 1952, UFOs in our sky.

Thousands of people believe in flying saucers. They accept their existence, just as one accepts radio and television, which are, after all exists, without having to know how it all works. And every day more people are convinced, especially in America but now also in the Netherlands, that the flying saucers are real, and must undoubtedly even come from celestial bodies other than the earth: since, high American authorities have instructed military pilots to closely observe phenomena such as those of the flying saucers, these strange objects showed thenself several times over Washington DC, the belief is increasing, that there is still something new under the sun with which humanity has not had anything to do so far.

Benjamin Solari Parravicini

ufo18 August 1968, Alien abduction Argentina.

From the paper, Benjamin Solari Parravicini, an Argentinian painter and sculptor 70 years old declared to have been abducted by extraterrestrials from the inner city of Buenos Aires. He did fly through space on board a "flying saucer". It was a misty morning, he said, I stood before a big blond man with very bright eyes, dressed in a translucent jacket, who spoke to me in a foreign language, I thought I was crazy and wanted to continue my journey. I lost my awareness and when I woke up I was in a spaceship and I made a trip around the world. Finally I was returned to the place of my departure. (He had a round trip ticket?)

Our ancestors also saw flying saucers

ufo116 August 1956, UFO phenomenon much older as we thought.

Some see in the appearance of flying saucers as the approach of the Day of Judgment, but that the Lord is speeding through the air in a spaceship is a bit strange... The strangest thing is the apparent concentration of flying saucers in the US. They may be so fascinated by the American life style that they cannot get away from it. But it is also possible that their interest is less flattering. There is no reason to conclude that space travelers are humans, they well could be a total different life form. This has since become a wild speculation. Those who want to know more should read the book „Flying Saucers from Outer Space" by Donald Keyhoe, He claims to have obtained secret information. Maybe we will be able to solve the mystery of the flying saucers.