Russian ship sunk by UFO

ufo14 August 1845, UFO sets Russian ship on fire.

Our pages contain the following story of a strange and remarkable event. The Russian ship Hoppet of 1200 tons was sailing the Mediterranean Sea on the first of June, going from Naples to Spain. It was about eight o'clock in the evening. When suddenly above the ship an air phenomenon appeared, a kind of comet, in the shape of a broom (Cigar shape).

UFO explodes above Ceara Brazil

ufo11 January 1838, Spherical UFO Brazil.

From South America, Brazil, another equally remarkable air phenomenon is mentioned. about 60 miles away from (Rio De Janeiro), in the province of Ceara, a shining sphere the size of an air passenger ship was seen there. 

Belgium first cigar UFO sighting

ufo120 October 1954, Several sightings over Belgium.

The Belgians are introduced to flying saucers and flying cigars. Since a week, flying saucers and flying cigars have also been observed in Belgian. Contrary to what happened in France, none have yet landed and no Belgians have had the privilege of acquainting themselves with a resident or inhabitant of Mars. 

Egg shaped UFO 1681

ufo14 January 1681, UFO egg shaped Rome.

Rome 7 December. A comet was seen here, which was not only seen by stargazers, but also to obnoxious (peasants) people, which gave substance to discussion, the more because the comet had the shape of an egg, resembling an egg that is be shown in the house of the servant of Massimi of Campidoglio, which egg is seen by everyone with great amazement. (Old painting egg UFO)

Air phenomenon France 1670

ufo14 September 1670, The sky Touraine.

Paris the 29th of August. The Maquis of Chaupos has written to Madame de Rohan, and to other noble, that in the land of Choupes in Touraine, on the Day of Assumption, in the evening at 10 o'clock, a terrible Meteorite, in the shape of a beam of fire was seen, he feared that his forests could be lit by the meteorite. The sound of the bells of the tower alarmed the farmers, to gather at once, but the meteorite was flying over a large area towards the far end of the forest, close to the river Lindre, where it split in two parts.