Herman Oberth convinced of UFOs

ufo129 May 1969, James McDonald and Herman Oberth.

The NOBOVO president tells of the American prof. James McDonald from Tucson, Arizona, who had also observed strange objects and according to whom it was the only logical, though hypothetical, possibility that such ufos come from other planets. Something of which the West German father of space travel, prof. dr. Herman Oberth, teacher of Wernher von Braun, is convinced.

Dr James McDonald Flying saucers

ufo131 July 1968, From a special correspondent WASHINGTON, Tuesday.

Scientists, who want to assume that flying saucers and other unidentified flying objects are more than optical deception or psychological abnormalities, asked the US Congress for support for their research yesterday. Dr. James McDonald of the University of Arizona said yesterday at a conference on this subject that he does not want to rule out the possibility that we are dealing here with flying vehicles from beings of non-terrestrial origin.

Research into flying objects

ufo131 July 1968, Dr. James McDonald University of Arizona.

WASHINGTON (Reuter) - A group of scholars in the United States have urged the government to work with other countries to investigate the amazing phenomenon of flying objects.

The fire-plague in 1088

ufo128 August 1937, People and animals collapsed.

August 29, 1088: The ancient scripts report that on that day a strange air phenomenon had appeared at the firmament, which shot fire beams. This appearance was followed by such heat that many people and animals collapsed. The doctors in those days called it the fire plague.

Flying saucer seen in the Netherlands

ufo19 September 1947, UFO seen in Oostvoorne.

On Saturday evening around a quarter past eight, an orange-red object was seen in the sky in Oostvoorne, moving from the East to the West at a fairly high speed. At the first sighting it was at a fairly high altitude, but as it moved more towards the West, the altitude became lower and even dropped below the cloud cover. The trajectory the object took was not constant, but moved in all possible directions from left to right and vice-versa, it also moved up and down with great speed. The main direction, however, remained East-West.