UFO Friesland Netherlands

ufo18 April 1959, UFO seen above Friesland.

Has Sjoerd Koetstra seen a flying saucer two weeks ago? Is his story based on someone who made a joke, was it an optical illusion or a natural phenomenon? These are questions that can not be answered by anyone. This is always the problem after observing strange phenomena in the sky, can you tell me what you have seen.

UFOs are seen above the Netherlands

ufo127 December 1976, UFO seen above Netherlands.

(ANP) - Dozens of people, including police and military personnel from the vicinity of Enschede and Arnhem, spotted two flying objects during the Christmas night (from Friday to Saturday). These objects emitted a green light.

This is a UFO (Photo)

ufo14 August 1965, UFO photograph in Texas.

This photo of a "flying saucer" or UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) was taken Sunday by the American press photographer Bob Campbell in Sherman, a small town in northern Texas, where Campbell left his camera "open" for two minutes.

UFO investigation Dutch government

ufo128 December 1976, Official investigation into UFO phenomenon.

For the first time since the observation of unknown flying objects (UFOs) in the airspace above the Netherlands, an official investigation into the UFO phenomenon is announced. The research is coordinated by the Aviation Research Department of the national police force in Rotterdam. The decision to do so was taken after yesterday's phone calls from dozens of people who have seen all sorts of different and unexplained light phenomena in the sky during the Christmas weekend.

Portuguese jet fighter pilots describe UFOs

ufo118 November 1957, Pilot Hood Lemos Ferreira: They were super fast.

Reports from Portugal on "UFOs" (unidentified flying objects). Four Portuguese jet fighters were followed, on 4 September, during a night flight by five unidentified flying objects. One object is described as oval, radiating light that varied from gold to green, yellow and ruby ​​red.